This company was created in 2003 by Cazenave together with Managers SA. C&M’s role is the management of the Extended Royalty System for the varieties of soybean and wheat in Argentina. This system allows the breeders to recoup the investments made in the research and development of new and improved varieties, and it allows the farmers to achieve better results thanks to the genetic improvement of the breeding establishments, providing an economic benefit and simplifying the management of their crops. On behalf of the breeders, C&M requests an affidavit on the sowing of the different varieties; invoices the corresponding royalties and administers their collection.

The following are some of C&M’s clients: Nidera, Don Mario, Monsanto, Klein, Buck, Syngenta, Pioneer, Ferias del Norte, 3-EL, Sursem, AGD, ASP, Bioceres, Illinois, LDC and Vetagro.

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