Our Values


As an active and responsible member of its community, Cazenave assumes the obligation to fully comply with the existing legislation and the ethical principles of corporate governance: commercial integrity, transparency, rectitude and justice.


Cazenave‘s is a commitment with the whole community: clients, investors, employees, public authorities and competitors. In line with this, as its activities are closely related to nature, Cazenave considers that the protection and preservation of the environment is crucial.


Cazenave assumes the responsibility to ensure the availability of information at the right time, to build strong ties with clients and partners, to manage the company’s resources and to achieve work goals through a management of excellence with respect to the quality of its products and services.


Cazenave adheres to the ethical principles of mutual respect, freedom of conscience and non-discrimination of minorities; and makes all efforts to ensure that people in the organization treats one another with equality, fairness and dignity.


Cazenave understands that teamwork is much more than sharing a physical space or reporting to the same manager. The essence of teamwork is that each member understands the importance of the other members of the team, their opinions and their skills, in order to strengthen the task of achieving the common goal.


Cazenave believes in the key importance of creativity as a constant force to create and develop new production alternatives.

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