Founded in 1969 with the aim of offering consulting services to the farming market, Cazenave represents the gateway to the agro-related businesses in the
region. It has the necessary know-how, structure and experience to provide the
investor with competence, professionalism and transparency in the management
of their business.

Its first project was carried out in 1978 on leased lands. It was done with
400 hectares of sunflower in the province of Buenos Aires and, since then,
this number has steadily grown to an average of 100,000 ha of production
every year.

In 1994, it launched the First Agricultural Public Fund and is currently
starting the first campaign for the sixth Multi-Year Public Fund.

Furthermore, over the last fifteen years, Cazenave has specialized in the
production of commodities for the agricultural sector. It developed the
production of sunflower oil for Dow Argentina, it multiplied the production
of wheat for several flour companies and it coordinated a program for the
multiplication of beer barley controlled seed for Cargill, among other
services for other A-rated companies.

As an agricultural management company, Cazenave has, throughout its history,
promoted the creation of new companies related to the sector, such as Giagro,
in Venezuela; Cazenave-Interagro, in San Juan; Agrositio; C&M; Patagonia
Bioenergía S.A; and; among others.

Our history, human capital
and brand awareness are our
most important assets.

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